The Deep Field Funds

Deep Field Asset Management's strategy focuses on concentrated, long-term oriented, global investments. The Firm's strategy is to identify situations where value today is complemented by a straightforward yet difficult to replicate strategy for the future, resulting in exceptional prospects for ongoing and compounding long-term value creation.

We pursue opportunities where we can develop a decisive research advantage, so that we can tangibly point to our concrete “edge” over other investors in a situation. We traffic predominantly in unique, under-covered names where this informational advantage can be maximized, and where organizing and distributing the deep knowledge we have gained to the market can sometimes act as its own catalyst. In order to be properly rewarded for the intensity of our research process, we believe in owning companies that can continue to win over the long term, and expect to hold our most successful positions for substantial gains over three or more years.


We believe that great companies usually become great slowly through differentiated vision and superior execution

Small advantages consistently exploited by an exceptional management team can create durable competitive advantages over time. We seek to identify companies which have these advantages, or other attributes which make them absolutely uniquely able to deliver something desirable to the market.

We believe that markets are exceptionally good at efficiently pricing securities, especially on a short-term basis. We only pursue opportunities in which we can become experts with a differentiated view, and even then we focus on understanding where a company will be in three years, not what consensus expects over three months.

We look for cases where success begets success, creating a virtuous cycle and positive “kinks” in the return outlook, compounding future returns


Unrivaled Imagination, Unmatched Effort, and Unrelenting Focus

Deep Curiosity

Avoid the crowded thesis - find something most people do not know. Identify truly singular companies, often without a good comparable company.

Deep Knowledge

Invest only where we can become experts in our understanding. Be the people others call to make sense of the headlines.

Deep Perspective

We leverage the extra dimension of time as an asset. An ability to sustain varying market environments. Investments underwritten with a 3+ year time horizon.